Who we are

SkyFix is South Africa’s drone repair specialists. We also the exclusive distributors of the LATAS, a ground and air safety control platform to help lower insurance premiums on your drone.

SkyFix understands the urgency in getting your biggest asset back in the sky. Our Skyfix team proudly consists of a private plane pilot, SACAA approved drone pilots and certified drone technicians. SkyFix is an approved DJI repair centre as well as the exclusive repair centre for Delta Drone and Precision Hawk South in South Africa.

Like many of our customers we are passionate about the drone industry and how we believe drones will change the world. Whether you’re a hobbyist or flying commercially, we’ll not only be able to repair your drone but also offer you a licensed loan drone to continue your work.We pride ourselves on our knowledge, drone repair expertise and customer service.

The most important element within the drone industry is respecting aviation air space and flying safely. That is why SkyFix is proud to be the sole distributors of LATAS South Africa – allowing you to control, manage and fly safely in Africa