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This video was made by and shows the second tournement of the Dutch National Championship FPV drone racing.

The Dutch National Championship “NK Drone Race” is a competition held by the KNVvL and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

Two pilots here in the Dutch National Championship are also racing in the Drone Racing League (DRL) – Shaggy and Dino from the Netherlands.




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[unable to retrieve full-text content]DRL pilot Gab707 hiked three hours off trail to fly Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island on April 19th, just three weeks before it started erupting. Tough to fly here – strong winds, very turbulent near the ground, no landmarks – but Gab got within 4 meters of the lava for some epic angles.

Assessing what GDPR means for commercial drone hardware and software vendors, service providers, and enterprise users.

By Colin Snow and Charlotte Ziems

Have you noticed an increase in the number of emails lately that say “we have updated our privacy policies and terms of service”? It’s not just the big players like Amazon, Apple, Google, and YouTube, it’s just about everyone – and for good reason. They’re all preparing for May 25, 2018, when new regulations go into effect that apply to personally identifiable data they collect on citizens of the European Union.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be interpreted as legal advice—you alone are responsible for GDPR compliance and should consult legal counsel to do so. We’ll assess only the basic GDPR concepts you should know, and at a high level. So let’s start with the basics.

What is GDPR?

On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect to protect the rights of Europeans to access and control their personal data. This means any brand that collects and processes the personal data of individuals in the European Union, regardless of that brand’s location, needs to comply with GDPR requirements by the May deadline.

Note that the laws are still being interpreted and definitions changing, so you’ll want to pay attention.

What are the important GDPR requirements?

  • The right to be informed, or being transparent about what you collect and how you use it (Article 12, 13, and Article 14 number 11)
  • The right of access, or allowing individuals to see what personal data you’re processing and storing (Article 15)
  • The right to rectification, or allowing individuals to have their personal data corrected (Article 16)
  • The right to erasure, also known as the right to be forgotten (Article 17)
  • The right to restrict processing, or allowing individuals to stop you from performing operations (collecting, processing, storing, etc.) on personal data (Article 18)
  • The right to data portability, or giving individuals the personal data you have about them (Article 20)
  • The right to object, or prevent you from processing their personal data (Article 21)

Why should you care?

Depending on the nature of the infringement, fines for noncompliance can range from between €10 million and €20 million, or between 2% and 4% of your worldwide annual revenue of the prior financial year, whichever is higher.

Do those in the commercial drone industry need to be GDPR compliant?

That depends. If you have any clients, or have contacts, or perform work in the EU, then yes. The regulation applies when you collect, store, and process data or images that constitutes someone’s “personal data” (such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), or “personal identifiable information” (such as aerial images of and georeferences to persons).

Who in the commercial drone market might it apply to?

  • Agriculture – probably not those collecting agricultural data, since that type of data rarely attaches personally identifiable information (or personal data) of an individual.
  • Film / Photo / Video – it definitely applies to drone wedding photographers, real estate photographers, film companies, and any other commercial service. GPDR states that pictures containing peoples that can be identified are to be considered personal information and must be handled with care. Unless you are using the pictures for news or art, you must have a consent from the person giving you permission to publish the picture.
  • Inspecting and monitoring – probably not those collecting data on structures (such as towers, transmission lines, or oil rigs), since it rarely attaches personally identifiable information (or personal data) to an individual, but definitely yes to those performing site monitoring where individuals can be tagged or identified.
  • GIS (mapping and surveying) – it depends on the downstream use of the data you collect. You are in the chain of custody and custodians may need to generalize or filter identifiable features or patterns of people from geospatial information.
  • Cloud-based data services – same as GIS. You are in the chain of custody and may need to filter information; otherwise, your risk is high.

Where can you go to find out more information?




GIS (Mapping and Survey):

GIS and cloud data services:

Image credit: Shutterstock and Skylogic Research

MINNEAPOLIS — One thousand dollars is up for grabs in a new weekly drone video contest.

AirVū, the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform, announced it is launching the “Drone Video of the Week” contest in which one content creator will be chosen for the weekly USD$1,000 prize. All drone videos uploaded to are eligible to win. The contest begins April 2.

Each week, the AirVūz curation staff will select five videos as finalists for the contest. Fans will have the chance to vote every Monday through Wednesday to choose the winner from the five finalists. Winning videos will be announced every Friday.

The Drone Video of the Week contest follows the success of the inaugural AirVūz Drone Video Awards, which selected the best drone videos and photos of 2017. Voters chose winners in 13 categories from a total of more than 33,000 videos.

For more information about the contest, contact Tyler Mason, Director of Public Relations, at



About AirVūz

Since its launch in 2015, AirVūz has become the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform and global community for drone pilots and aerial media enthusiasts. Drone enthusiasts worldwide can upload and share videos and photos in unlimited quantity and at no cost. Site users have free access to an ever-growing library of drone media content including easily browsable categories such as travel, extreme sports, golf courses, drone racing, landmarks and more. AirVūz users also have access to original AirVūz content, including the weekly AirVūz News program, profiles of top content creators, product reviews, and how-to information for drone pilots on how to take and edit high quality drone video.

IQ Motion Control’s motor modules are now available for pre-order on Crowd Supply! With position sensing and their advanced calibration and control algorithms, IQ optimizes motor performance and gives pilots the utmost control over their drones. Seamless reversibility, precise RPM feedback and increased power and efficiency are just a few of the advantages IQ offers over standard drone tech.

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SAN FRANCISCO – March 5, 2018 – Kittyhawk, the market leader in commercial drone operations software, today announced a comprehensive set of new features for its best-in-class platform. Kittyhawk is introducing secure multi-party, multi-channel video and audio streaming, native UAS Facility Maps, new notification and telemetry sharing options with a focus on enhanced security and visibility.

Multi-party, multi-channel audio and video supports unlimited concurrent streams with up to 50 simultaneous participants per stream. Multiple operators can collaborate in real time from any location in the world utilizing a smartphone or tablet. Pilots can select stream quality preferences (480p, 720p, 1080p) or just set to “Auto” to optimize for the device and local data speed. In addition, broadcast display options can stream either a “heads-up display” to view flight information or simply stream the camera view with no additional layers. Enterprise customers can see who on their team is broadcasting a live stream, switch between streams like channels on television, and even see which of their other team members are watching the stream in case they need to ask them questions.

Law enforcement can now have access to multiple vantage points of a situation and inspectors can have uninterrupted views on critical pieces of equipment. The ability to change a vantage point in milliseconds from thousands of miles away, all while being in communication with the pilots makes for a potent combination.

New UAS Facility Maps show the maximum altitudes around airports where the FAA may authorize Part 107 UAS operations without additional safety analysis. The maps should be used to inform requests for part 107 airspace authorizations and waivers in controlled airspace. There are nearly 500 airports with published FAA Facility Maps that will come online at the completion of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) pilot program. These maps remove ambiguity on whether or not a flight could be approved, whether with LAANC or manual authorizations. Each of the facility squares are color coded according to the maximum altitude allowed, or flight ceiling. Now, users have a beautiful, intuitive flight planning map available to them for all of the current and future LAANC compatible sites.

“As the FAA is completing the LAANC pilot program, we thought it was important for Kittyhawk to continue leading the charge for private industry to support their efforts with our products. These new maps add clarity and transparency from what was relatively opaque data,” said Joshua Ziering, Founder & Chief Pilot.

Kittyhawk’s new telemetry-sharing options add greater control with a focus on security and visibility. Enterprise teams now have three new options for how telemetry is viewed within an organization, within the Kittyhawk platform, and across the national airspace via industry partners.

First, the Private (Team Only) option allows only the members within your team to view live telemetry, both from the app and the web. Second, the Kittyhawk UTM option shares anonymized information and telemetry of live flights to improve airspace awareness and deconfliction. Third, Kittyhawk Extended shares flight information to third parties like airports, schools or AirMap, for example, as well as within the Kittyhawk UTM.

In addition to enhanced telemetry controls,  Flight Deck now includes DJI’s Local Data Mode. DJI recently implemented this feature in its flight controller and SDKs to help address security concerns about sensitive data unintentionally going to DJI and/or China. With this enabled, there is no communication at all with DJI. Even with Local Data Mode enabled, Kittyhawk connections, telemetry, and data flow are not affected.

“The common theme across each of these announcements is they empower enterprise teams to thrive and scale. Beautiful products with real-time data streams in a secure environment enable companies’ drone operations to grow and their utilization of Kittyhawk to evolve,” said Jon Hegranes, Founder & CEO.

About Kittyhawk

Kittyhawk unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to empower safe and effective drone operations. Based in San Francisco, the company develops real-time flight operations and management solutions for professional pilots and fleet managers across a multitude of missions. Established industry leaders in media, insurance, oil and gas, rail transportation, as well as education, law enforcement, fire and emergency management agencies around the world all rely on Kittyhawk for their end-to-end drone operations. Discover more at

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New York’s Central and Mohawk Valley regions have become a breeding ground for technological advancements in Unmanned Aerial Systems. In fact, to support the industry New York state has invested $35 million to develop a 50-mile operational UAS Traffic Management corridor.

Check out the above video featuring some of the Central New York companies that are doing amazing things in the UAS industry.




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MINNEAPOLIS — The votes are in and the best drone videos of 2017 have been chosen.

Thirteen aerial content creators were voted on as the winners of the 2017 AirVūz Drone Video Awards.

Moscow Aerial 5K by Russian drone pilot was voted the Drone Video of the Year, while Paul Nurkkala won the FPV (First-Person View) Video of the Year for NURK’s Flight of the Year.

Five finalists in 13 different categories were selected by the staff of AirVūz, based on the quality, originality and creativity of the drone video or photograph. All AirVūz content creators had the opportunity to place their votes for which finalists they thought were the best of the best.

The voting concluded on Jan. 21 and the winners were announced on AirVūz Live on Facebook on Feb. 5. Each category winner will receive a plaque, cash and prizes. The categories included: People, Cities, Countries, Landscape, Freestyle FPV, Drone Racing, Tiny Whoop, Animals (including pets), Dronies (selfies taken with a drone), Sports, Originality, Reels and Photo.

For more information about the contest, go to or contact Tyler Mason, Director of Public Relations, at

A list of the 2017 AirVūz Drone Video Awards winners can be found below:

DRONIE — There Is No One Else by Wellington Visuals

LANDSCAPE — Perspective by Jay Worsley

RACING — Drone Racing Underground by JohnnyFPV

COUNTRIES — “Awaken” Iceland by

PEOPLE — This is Yunnan by Face du Monde

ANIMALS — Majestic Beast Nanuk by Florian Ledoux

CITIES — Moscow Aerial 5K by

TINY WHOOP — エアリアルヨガスタジオ y+AERO × TINY WHOOP JAPAN by KatsuFPV

FREESTYLE — NURK’s Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunsets, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping by nurkfpv

SPORTS — Dream… by PilotViking

ORIGINALITY — Cardboard Cadet by chrisxgxc

REEL — Drones are Awesome by ThisIsTilt

PHOTOGRAPHY — Floating in the Unknown by zimydakid

About AirVūz

Since its launch in 2015, AirVūz has become the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform and global community for drone pilots and aerial media enthusiasts. Drone enthusiasts worldwide can upload and share videos and photos in unlimited quantity and at no cost. Site users have free access to an ever-growing library of drone media content including easily browsable categories such as travel, extreme sports, golf courses, drone racing, landmarks and more. AirVūz users also have access to original AirVūz content, including the weekly AirVūz News program, profiles of top content creators, product reviews, and how-to information for drone pilots on how to take and edit high quality drone video.

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Quaternium company, the leading European brand of long-endurance multirotors, has set the World Record of Endurance accomplishing a 4 hour 40 minute flight with HYBRiX.20 fuel-electric quadcopter. This flight time beats any former demonstration ever made with an electric, hybrid of hydrogen multicopter.

HYBRiX.20 RPA was designed by Quaternium in 2014 and its first model was built in 2015, demonstrating the viability of hybrid technology to power drones. This innovation solved the main limitation of the VTOL drone market: the lack of flight time. HYBRiX.20 is a fuel-electric aircraft, which means that it is an electric multirotor with a powerful genset based on a 2-stroke engine that keeps the battery charged during flight.

This innovative RPA is already available in several countries for aerial missions such as industrial inspection, ground monitoring or emergency response. “Aerial monitoring is one of the main applications of HYBRiX.20. Quaternium team has developed a system configuration with an advanced camera that enables HYBRiX.20 to perform long-range observation missions” explains Jose Luis Cortes, founder of Quaternium.

Quaternium is looking for partners to expand the applications of HYBRiX drone. If you have an aerial project that requires more than one hour of continuous flight or a related proposal, please contact Quaternium team at




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