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I am glad to share the following guest article by Julio Ventura from Drones World that focuses on 5 quite affordable consumer drone models. Fun flying everyone!


By Julio Ventura

Hello fellow drone lovers! Today we bring five of the best low-cost drones currently available in the market. We have compiled a list of five drones with above average specifications and features (regarding its price range). If you are looking for a good quality drone at an affordable price, you will surely find it on this list. These are some of the best and affordable drones for learning and practicing, and the all five are a good value for your money. Without further due let’s move on to our Top 5 Low-Cost Drones list!

5- FY326 Q7

FY326 Q7 droneThe FY326 Q7 drone

Our first drone on this list is the FY326, a very affordable toy quadcopter that was one of drone beginners’ top choices back in 2016 and 2015. Why? Well, besides being extremely affordable and packing all you need to fly right out of the box. This low-cost drones is very easy to control, therefore ideal to learn and practice. If you are a beginner, or are looking for a first drone to gift someone, this might be the one. FY326 excels in control distance, this toy quadcopter has an amazing control range of 150 meters! Way above the average range of other drones within the same price range. FY326 Q7 makes use of a 3.7V 600mAh battery, which powers up to 10 minutes of flight time (better flight time than other drones within its price range). As mentioned previously, FY326 is a beginner’s toy quadcopter, aimed to anyone looking to learning and practice how to fly a drone without having to spend much money. However, due to its low price and above average specifications, the manufacturers had to cut somewhere. FY326 doesn’t come with a wide set of features, in fact the only feature that FY326 has is the 360º aerial stunt with just the push of a button. Overall, FY326 is the perfect beginner’s drone, although it lacks some useful and fun features. One of the best drones you can buy at a very low price.

4- Pioneer JXD 509V

Pioneer JXD 509V droneThe Pioneer JXD 509V drone

The second drone on our Top 5 Low-Cost Drones list is the amazing Pioneer JXD 509V. Contrary to the previous drone on the list, Pioneer JXD 509V packs some very useful and fun features. JXD 509V design resembles the high-cost Yuneec Q500, a very interesting design in my opinion. This being said, let’s now talk about the camera. Although, JXD 509V is advertised has having a 2MP camera, it is in fact more of a VGA module camera. Still good quality, but of course do not expect fantastic high resolution footage. Camera can tilt 30º, allowing for the pilot to acquire different recording angles. JXD 509V, as previously mentioned, packs a wide set of fun features, such functions include: Headless Mode, Altitude Holder, One-Key Return and LED lights. Altitude Holder allows the drone to hover steadily by itself while the pilot focus on recording video or taking photos. On top of all these fun features, JXD 509V also has a decent control range of 80 meters and an amazing flight time of 10 minutes.

3- JJRC H26W

JJRC H26W droneThe JJRC H26W drone

JJRC is one of the most active low-cost drone manufacturers, currently in the market. They are known for producing high-quality toy drones which always have above average specifications. JJRC likes to focus on a feature or aspect of a drone and enhance it. The JJRC H26W model focus on FPV Transmission. Before we discuss the real-time video transmission capabilities of this drone, let me first mention why JJRC H26W is such a great value or its money. First, it includes all you need to fly right out of the box. Secondly, it has an astonishing maximum control range of 300 meters (way beyond any same-price drone). Thirdly, it’s incredibly easy to control, mainly due to its smooth and steady hover. Now to talk about the FPV Transmission. H26W comes from a line of JJRC models, the H26, that mainly focus on the camera aspect. H26W is the model aimed at live video transmission. H26W drone packs a 2MP camera capable of recording 720p resolution, shoots video and takes photos. Live Video transmission is done via WiFi directly to the pilot’s smartphone. The pilot must install a free to download app (available for both Android and iOS) on their smartphone and connect via WiFi to the drone. The pilot will then be able to watch the live video directly on his or her mobile device. On top of all this JJRC H26W also features Headless Mode and One Key Return functions.

2- JJRC H26D

JJRC H26D droneThe JJRC H26D drone       

H26D is the drone aimed at good quality camera for a very affordable price. JJRC H26D is one of the best toy drones for anyone on a short budget looking for an easy to fly drone with great range and camera quality. H26D packs a 3MP camera, other drones within its price range only include 1MP to 2MP. But not H26D, this large toy quadcopter besides including a 3MP camera with a wide-angle lens! The camera is placed on a 2-Axis Adjustable Gimbal capable of tilting 30º (acquiring different recording angles). An above average toy camera, placed on a powerful and easy to control drone. As most products from JJRC, H26D has an astonishing maximum control range of 300 meters, enough for you to fly the drone way past eyesight. Powered by a 7.4V 1200Mah battery, this large drone has a flight time of 6 to 7 minutes. Besides this great specifications and good quality toy camera, H26D features Headless Mode, One Key Return and 360º aerial stunt with just the push of a button. Headless Mode will make the drone easier to control and One Key Return will make sure you don’t lose your drone when reaching maximum range of 300 meters. Thanks to One Key Return, the drone safely flies back to you. JJRC H26D is an amazing and affordable toy drone, currently in the market you won’t find another drone with a 3MP camera and 300 meters range at this price.

1- UPair One

UPair One droneThe UPair One drone

In 1st place of our Top 5 Low-Cost Drones list, is the most expensive drone on the list and is not a toy-grade drone. UPair One is a powerful and yet affordable alternative to a DJI Phantom high-budget model. UPair One packs some amazing features and specifications, an all you need to fly right out of the box drone, UPair One is your affordable alternative to a higher-budget drone. UPair One comes with a 12MP 4K camera manufactured by SONY itself. Expect good quality 4K footage at 24 frames per second. The drone is also capable of transmitting live video via 5.8 Ghz frequency directly to a FPV screen attached to the remote controller. Th Live Video is done in great quality. Other features of UPair One are the GPS Dual Compass, Failsafe Return to Home (drone returns to pilot automatically when battery runs low), GPS Position Hold, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Orientation Control (much like Headless Mode) and Return to Home. But wait, there’s more! UPair One also has a very long range and amazing flight time. This drone can fly as far as 300 meters and staying in air for 22 minutes! Indeed, UPair One is a great value or your money, its less than twice the price of a DJI Phantom 3 and still much cheaper than a DJI Phantom 2.

 What did you think of our Top 5 Low-Cost Drones list? There are more great drones that could be on this list. Which drone would you add or remove? Let us know in the comment section below! Happy flying fellow drone lovers!


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Thank you to Evan Sparks, creator of the youtube channel Sparks Productions, for sharing this nice video about a first flight with the DJI Mavik Pro.
[embedded content]
Stay tuned on the Personal Drones Blog for the latest quadcopter and mult…

Thank you to Evan Sparks, creator of the youtube channel Sparks Productions, for sharing this nice video about a first flight with the DJI Mavik Pro.
[embedded content]
Stay tuned on the Personal Drones Blog for the latest quadcopter and mult…

In a dark, dark wood there sat three dark, dark men;
And the dark, dark men were wearing dark, dark googles;
But the dark, dark googles had NO dark, dark screens;
Because on the bright, bright screens there were…… drones!

[embedded content]

Finally, FPV racing comes to the FPVblog. After owning a Gemini for almost a year I finally got to use it as a FPV racer. With all my experience in filming I felt ready to take on a new challenge as a race pilot. And so I joined a local event named “Crash pilots hitting the trees”, literally.

Some pilots took the motto too literaly and landed their coopter on a tree.Some pilots took the motto too literaly and landed their copter on a tree.For me the marked track turned out to be an obstacle course instead of a race lap. Crashing and the constant adrenaline rush is part of the fun and almost inevitable given the narrow trees. Luckily, only propellors were damaged and all the drones survived the dark dark wood, ready for more races another day. It was great fun. Thanks to the organizers!

Crash pilots hard at work.Crash pilots hard at work.

Hey, chap!
Before you start to explore the world through the eyes of drone technology, there are certain terms and conditions that you should make yourself familiar with. First article by guest author Alastair Baker.

Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) is the government organization in the US that imposes the rules and regulations on commercial aircrafts, like drones. Their regulations are often copied by other countries, but there is no guarantee. Please make yourself known if flying outside the US, the regulations might be totally different. In the US, the use of small unmanned aircraft systems is allowed for aerial photography, crop monitoring, inspection and research development under these new rules.

The national airspace is a restricted area and you can easily violate rules that can land you into legal trouble. To avoid such unfortunate incidences, you should make yourself acquainted with these policies before you take your new drone out for a spin.

Below listed are the 9 most important parts of the new proposed rule by FAA that would apply to every quadcopter in the market.


Personal and commercial uses of aircrafts are only allowed for drones that fall under the category of small unmanned aircraft systems. A drone is small if it weighs less than 55 lbs and owning of any quadcopter more than this load is a violation of FAA law.


You are authorized to fly your drone under less than 500 feet and anything above it will be considered as an intrusion in the national airspace.


The allowed flight speed is less than 100 mph. So next time you are cruising your drone in the air, make sure you don’t cross this FAA obligated speed limit.


Flying of aircrafts over bystanders is considered a felony and you can be criminally charged for it.


You should always maintain a visual contact with your drone. This can be done by practically viewing it or by monitoring its position through your Smartphone screen.


Only daylight flights are allowed and flying of drones during the night times is considered illegal.
Airspace regulations in the US


Whenever you take your new drone for a flight, a responsible operation should be conducted. If any damage is done to someone’s property because of your drone, you will be charged for it.


You are allowed to operate only one drone at a time. Multiple flight sessions are illegal and should be avoided at all cost.


Every time you take your drone for a flight, you should always conduct a thorough inspection. This is not only an FAA rule but will also help you avoid any crash or detect any problems before the occurrence of any incident.

These rules have opened the door for agricultural drones and are fairly simple to abide by. Enjoy every moment of your flight sessions with your quadcopter and fly responsibly.

Guest author Alastair Baker is a dedicated drone enthusiast from Iowa, USA. He works for a specialized drone dealership headquartered in Sioux City run by a handful of experts where he helps customers to find the right drone for their needs (e.g. agricultural drones). He follows the FAA rules closely due to his professional and private interest into the hobby. Please welcome Alastair to the FPVblog!

Today Benjamin from Austin, TX sent me his Kickstarter campaign for the Zippy, a 3D printed quadcopter frame only held together with zip ties. While there are tons of interesting Kickstarter campaigns I think this one is worth mentioning as it proposes a conceptually new and simple way of building a quadcopter frame inherently designed to be easily repaired and fine tuned out in the field. Exactly what a crash pilot like me would need to advance in FPV racing. Genius!

Zippy frame CAD drawings

The Zippy is a DIY frame to be equipped with 250 size quadcopter gear of your own choice. The frame parts are all 3D printed from sturdy polycarbonate and ABS. Arms and center plates contain small holes so that they can be easily assembled with zip ties. Telling from the sample video, the frame seems to be rigid despite the modular design showing almost no visual vibrations and good flight characteristics.

The arms are available in various colors which can be combined for very individual quad designs. Nobody will ever have to ask who’s quad just won the race. The biggest advantage of the Zippy however is its repair friendliness. It uses zip ties instead of screws to hold simple plastic parts together. Hence, exchanging a broken arm is as simple as zip tying a new one to the quad. By using 3D printing alone, it should become easy to build replacement parts yourself. This completely takes away the fear of breaking your quad in race and waiting for the super special replacement parts to arrive from China in the mail. 

Zippy frame parts

For me the Zipppy presents itself as an ani hero compared to other frames such as the a TBD Gemini. The Zippy is a simple and honest Kickstarter campaign with a simple product, offering a simple solution. If it will be able to deliver all of the promises, I don’t know. But all together, we can turn Benjamin’s summer into a very busy one. Go Zippy Go!