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By Paul Archer,

A new recent release from DJI makes its way in 2019 with what seems to be a very unique approach to personal consumer cameras.
DJI has quite some history when it comes to gimbal stabilized cameras, both for their drones and for their Osmo line and this makes them quite the expert in the domain.

Osmo PocketOsmo Pocket

I know that at a first glance this device didn’t seem like it had much potential. However, the moment I took it into my own hands I’ve been quite amazed by what it can do.

It’s called the Osmo pocket and I’m completely amazed by how far technology has moved in the recent years. Having such a small yet capable device is something that no one would have dreamt of just a year ago.

Is it a vlogging camera or an action cam?

It has been released some time after the latest gopro hero 7 and people, including me, have compared the two on equal footing because of their bragging about stabilization.

However, the Osmo is more than an action cam, it definitely isn’t as sturdy as the latest GoPro hero, but It holds its own with some very good materials and a very good build.

GoPro vs Osmo Pocket

However, the osmo does have the considerable advantage of permanent 3 axis gimbal stabilization, which means it isn’t limited with electronic stabilization that can fail in poor lighting conditions.

Why is the Osmo pocket a great contender for being one of the top vlogging cameras in the future?

  • Super portable (no need to carry a big camera around you all the time)
  • Incredibly well stabilized video
  • Records in 4k 60p and even slow motion up to 120fps
  • Has the option to easily change the camera orientation towards you or in front by the press of a button
  • Has automatic tracking options
  • Good close up focus
  • More professional, cinematic look thanks to the shorter field of view compared to the fisheye of a goopro for example.

How does it face off against a gopro?

They’re not exactly competing in the same category as I mentioned before, but the new osmo pocket does actually take away some of the market from any action camera.

For more casual recordings, vlogging and whatever scenario that requires a tiny stabilized camera, besides extreme sports.

GoPro Hero7 vs Panasonic G7 vs Osmo PocketGoPro Hero7 vs Panasonic G7 vs Osmo Pocket

Bellow there’s my video comparison to the GoPro Hero 7 black where I also tested the stability on rough terrain, different resolutions side by side, slow motion and more!

[embedded content]

What are some specs and is the price worth it?

When it comes to the price, the DJI Osmo pocket is just under the price of the latest Gopro. Now, you decide if it’s justified for your own needs to spend $350 on a multifunctional camera like this.

However, I could argue that if this manages to replace an expensive DSLR camera for video that you used to barely carry around and shoot shaky videos with… it’s totally worth it.

And the quality is up there, with a nice field of view and blurred background when in selfie mode.

Here are some of the more important specs I felt like people would need to know:

  • 12mp camera
  • 1/2.3-inch sensor
  • 80 degree FOV
  • 100Mbits
  • F/2.0 apperture
  • 4k 60fps
  • 1080p 120p
  • Supports micro sd card of up to 256gb
  • Comes with multiple accessories

How about the accessories?

Well, DJI is already selling quite a lot of those on their site and they seem to be quite useful, even though they have a long way to catch GOPro from behind.

The overall package is super tiny, but if you do indeed decide to attach the phone, maybe because you find the screen too small, it’s going to be less easy to hold in only one hand.

So if you were looking for a new camera and a gimbal for it, the new Osmo pocket might make your life better with a more complete, smaller and quite capable package for the price of an action camera.

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A press release by Parrot, through Realwire


Compact, ultra-light, agile and easy to pilot, the Parrot Mambo is THE ultimate fun-to-fly minidrone – and now provides a unique FPV racer experience!

Parrot Mambo FPV

Thanks to its FPV HD camera, the all new Parrot Cockpitglasses 2 (FPV goggles) and accompanying Parrot Flypad piloting controller, the Parrot Mambo FPV opens the pilot to an exciting world of fully immersive, drone racing experiences.

Ideal to fly indoors and outside in the garden, the Parrot Mambo FPV transforms its environment into a giant playground – turning everyday items around the home into obstacles and racetracks.

It also comes fully equipped with a range of brand new piloting modes, perfect to train yourself before a big race, and Parrot Mambo FPV’s new power battery provides up to 10 minutes of flight time*.

The Parrot Mambo FPV creates an all new flying experience, putting you at the heart of the cockpit, and into the role of the drone’s pilot!

Parrot Mambo FPV is available in September 2017 at Argos, Currys, and at
MSRP: £159


[embedded content]

Minidrone FPV, ultimate flying experience!

Piloting the Parrot Mambo FPV transforms any room indoors into a race track!

Mambo FPV

Miniature HD Camera for live streaming and video recording

An HD camera (120° FOV) easily attaches to the top of the Parrot Mambo FPV drone using Smart Block technology, and a microSD card (not included) can be inserted to store recorded pictures and video footage.

The drone’s view is transmitted to an inserted smartphone, ideal for exploring surroundings and creating short videos (720p format) to share with friends. Thanks to the live streaming feature and the Parrot Cockpitglasses 2, the immersive flight experience is at the control of the pilot.

The Parrot Cockpitglasses 2, the ultimate and immersive birdseye view

Insert your smartphone (up to 6” in size) into the Parrot Cockpitglasses 2, which are compact, lightweight and foldable.

Their innovative design provides comfort and an optimal immersive experience, thanks to its adjustable interpupillary distance and a wide field of view of 96°.

When worn, you are fully immersed at the heart of action as the Parrot Mambo FPV soars through doorframes, weaves beneath furniture, turns right and left, and crosses the finish line. Your surroundings will pass before your eyes as you enjoy every second of this incredible flight.

Expert or beginner pilots, everyone has their own style

Parrot Mambo is a quadcopter that offers awesome flight stability. Similar to the entire Parrot drone range, the Parrot Mambo embeds the highest performing technologies and an ultra-powerful autopilot. Quick and agile, it delivers bursts of speeds of up to 30km/h – and as an expert of stunt flying, a range of airborne acrobatics!

Easy to handle and agile, the Parrot Mambo comes with three piloting modes especially designed to suit all skillsets – from beginner to expert. This includes:

·         Easy: the ideal mode for those at the early stages of piloting a drone. Everything is under control in this mode, making sure that the Parrot Mambo is stabilised both horizontally and vertically – and the autopilot assists you on each manoeuver.

·         Drift: The horizontal stabilization is disconnected. The Parrot Mambo flies with quick precision and performs sharp turns – creating a truly dynamic piloting experience.

·         Racing: This is the ultimate race mode. The autopilot is completely disconnected and piloting is at your complete control. The Parrot Mambo in Racing Mode doesn’t provide any assistance, stability is completely managed by you, and all the flight settings are in your experienced hands.

Parrot Flypad, high-precision performance

Piloting via the FreeFlight Mini app, Parrot Mambo FPV is also equipped, as a standard, with the Parrot Flypad controller.

It offers precise piloting thanks to the customisable joystick and button controls, with an accompanying reach of up to 100 meters.

Parrot Mambo FPV includes a new Power battery, offering up to 10 min. flight time in one charge (without accessory).

* without accessory


Code your Parrot Minidrone

Did you know? Parrot Education has been created by Parrot to support academic and non-profit institutions to enable the adoption of drone use in classrooms, labs and fields.
Parrot Education developed strong collaborations with renowned companies so educators can teach students STEM skills, such as geometry, science, art, physics and coding, and so kids can continue to learn coding at home.

·         Parrot is featured in Swift Playgrounds, the free iPad app from Apple. With Parrot’s new playground, available in six languages, kids (and adults) can program and control Parrot drones using real Swift code. (

·         Tynker strengthened its partnerships with Parrot by deploying its curriculum on tablets, in six languages and in making a new offer available to any private individuals, so the apprenticeship can continue at home, after school. (

·         Workbench had built a revolutionary platform which connects educators from all over the world so they can share their activities within the educational community. The “Parrot Flight School” now makes it possible to write code and to control your drone directly from a web browser.

For more information on Parrot Education:

Parrot Mambo FPV is available in September 2017 at leading consumer electronic stores, e-commerce websites and at

Parrot Mambo FPV pack includes:

·         1 Parrot Mambo
·         1 FPV HD camera
·         1 Parrot Cockpitglasses 2
·         1 Parrot Flypad
·         1 set of propeller’s protection
·         1 High Capacity Battery
·         1 USB/Micro USB cable
·         1 Quick start guide

Parrot Mambo is from now available in 3 versions:

Parrot Mambo Fly

1 Parrot Mambo
1 set of propeller protectors
1 Battery
1 USB/Micro USB cable
1 Quick start guide


Parrot Mambo Mission

1 Parrot Mambo
1 Cannon
1 Grabber
1 Clip
1 Parrot Flypad
1 set of propeller protectors
1 Power Battery
1 USB/Micro USB cable
1 Quick start guide


Parrot Mambo FPV

1 Parrot Mambo
1 FPV HD camera
1 Parrot Cockpitglasses 2
1 Parrot Flypad
1 set of propeller protectors
1 Power battery
1 USB/Micro USB cable
1 Quick start guide







#MamboRacingClub #WeAreParrot

For more information please visit

About Parrot Drones

Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot creates, develops and markets advanced technology wireless products for consumers and professionals.

The company builds on a common technological expertise to innovate and develop in three primary markets:
·         Civil drones: With recreational drones and solutions for professional use.
·         Connected objects: With a focus on audio and gardening.
·         Automotive: With the most extensive range of hands-free communication and infotainment systems for vehicles on the market.

Headquartered in Paris, Parrot currently employs more than 700 people worldwide and generates the majority of its sales overseas.

Parrot has been listed on Euronext Paris since 2006. (FR0004038263 – PARRO) —

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We are glad to publish the following informative guest article by Admir Tulic from dronepedia which may help beginner drone pilots to select a quality camera drone to get started with the hobby.


By Admir Tulic

Getting started with aerial photography has never been easier and there are drones to fit every budget. Many drones that are currently available feature 4k video recording, and 3-axis gimbal stabilization. When you look for a drone, you will notice a significant range of prices, and in general, you will get what you pay for.


 Every drone is going to have different capabilities, and these specs are going to make a big difference when it comes to the price of your drone. Lets have a look at what is available, and you can decide what is important to you.

Sky Viper Video DroneThe Sky Viper Video Drone

Battery Life

This is how long the battery in your drone will last in minutes, on average. The longer the battery life is, the better. Also, some drones will allow you to mount an extra battery, so if you need to extend the battery life, this is a good option.

Maximum Speed

 This is how fast your drone can fly, measured in miles per hour. Pretty simple, no? 

Signal Range

 If you want to be able to tell your drone how to fly, you have to maintain contact. This is what signal range refers to, and it is measured in feet, kilometers or miles.

Return To Home

 This feature gives your drone the ability to return to a previously designated GPS coordinate, or the last place it took off from. It is a really handy feature to have, and can make your piloting a lot easier. When you are done flying, just send your drone “home” with the push of a button.

Controller Type

 Some drones come with controllers that were built for them, and others rely on an app that you use with your smartphone or a tablet. Generally the more inexpensive models will require that you use an app, and this helps them keep costs down.

3-Axis Gimbal

 Many of the more advanced drones will have the ability to move the camera on a 3D pivot. The technical name for this device is a gimbal, and a single “gimbal” is capable of movement in one direction. SO if you want 3D movement, you need a 3-axis gimbal.

Not all gimbals will be of the same quality, and it is a good idea to read reviews from users before you buy a drone if perfect gimbal functioning is important for you. Like more things in life, the more you pay, the better the quality will be.

The 3D gimbal will also help to stabilize the camera, and again, some work better then others. 

Some Models To Look At

 There are a lot of choices when it comes to drones that will help you to capture dynamic video, and some of the most expensive drone models offer features like tracking and GPS pathing. If you are just getting into drones, there is no need to break the bank. You can always upgrade later, and with the speed that drone technology is advancing, you will probably get a lot of drone for your money in two years time.

Hubsan X4

The Hubsan X4 droneThe Hubsan X4 drone

This tiny drone is really made more as a toy than anything else, but the price is irresistible and it does have an on-board camera. The first thing to know about the Hubsan X4 is that it is very small. If you are an adult, it will fit in the palm of your hand, and weighs a little bit more than a smartphone. Because of its small stature, it is very susceptible to wind and other atmospheric factors. If it is not nice outside, don’t bother trying to get it off the ground.

 On the plus side, it is a great drone to practice your flying skills indoors. It is so small and light that there is little chance of it doing damage to anything, and you can really have a lot of fun flying it around the house. The video sensor is just 0.3MP, so don’t have high hopes for the quality. For a $50 dollar micro drone, you are easily getting your monies worth and then some. 

  • 240 line Video Recording, uses 4GB micro SD card
  • 0.3 Megapixel Sensor
  • Still Photos Possible
  • Controlled via Included Controller with LCD screen
  • 40 minute Flight Time
  • Maximum Range 320 Feet
  • USB charger

If you are considering this as a video drone, know that it records at 240 lines, which means that you will need to convert to once it has been shot. Overall this is an amazing little drone for the money, and will offer you a lot of functionality for a small price. One of the most interesting features is the streaming video to the controller, which displays a real-time view from the camera.

Syma X5C-1

The Syma X5C-1 quadcopter modelThe Syma X5C-1 quadcopter model

 The X5C-1 is a great entry level drone that you can use to practice your skills, and even shoot some decent video with. It is famously rugged and comes with removable prop guards, which make it ideal for first time pilots. For a hair under $100 usd you get a simple drone that has everything you need to start practicing. While not huge it is large enough to stand up to some breeze and still be manageable, and it comes with a very well made hand-held controller.

One of the small problems that the design of this drone has is that the video camera is connected to the battery door. While not a design flaw, it is something that people report having to get used to, and would be worth looking into if you are considering this drone for purchase.

  • 720p HD Video Recording, uses micro SD card
  • 2 Megapixel Sensor
  • Still Photos Possible
  • Controlled via Included Controller
  • 20 minute Flight Time / 5 minute Flight Time if using Camera
  • Maximum Range 160 Feet
  • Low / High Speed Selector Switch

Clearly at this price point there is no kind of motion dampening for the camera, but users report that the images are very good considering the price-point. One thing that is really nice about a drone like the X5C-1 is that it can function as a practice drone. Even advanced pilots need to keep up their skills, and there is no need to use an expensive drone to do it. Down the life if you decide to upgrade, the X5C-1 will still be useful to you as a warm-up drone.

Syma X8V Venture

Syma X8V VentureSyma X8V Venture

 This drone looks a lot like a much more expensive model made by DJI, and is the largest offering from Syma. It is inexpensive and has everything you need to start piloting drones. It is as large as a more expensive drone, so if you want to get used to the feel of piloting a bigger drone and don’t want to risk the money, this model makes a lot of sense.

 It does have a few interesting features, including “headless” mode, which allows you to move the drone in any direction you want regardless of where the front of the drone is facing. There is no GPS or return to home feature, but for a drone in the $100 dollar range it is very capable.

  • 720p HD Video Recording, uses micro SD card
  • 2 Megapixel Sensor
  • Still Photos Possible
  • Manual Tilt Gimbal For Camera
  • Controlled via Included Controller
  • 10 minute Flight Time
  • Maximum Range 160 Feet
  • Low / High Speed Selector Switc

This is a great starter drone for anyone who wants to practice flying a larger bodied drone and doesn’t want to risk much money. The camera would also be very useful for simple tasks like checking crops or looking at out of the way places. The X8V is a great stating point for anyone who wants to learn how to pilot a drone, and it is easily affordable to most people.

Sky Viper Video Drone

This is nice budget offering, and is shares many of the features with the rest of the drones on the list. For example, the controller does not have any sort of screen to stream video, and it has a one touch barrel roll button. For less than $100 you can get a drone that will shoot 20 minutes of panoramic video in 720p HD resolution which is not too shabby.

  • 720p Video Recording, includes 4GB micro SD card, up to 32GB can be used
  • Still Photos Possible
  • Controlled via Included Controller
  • 25 minute Flight Time
  • Maximum Range 200 Feet
  • One Touch Barrel Roll

So just keep in mind that is is not a competitor in any sense of the word for the rest of the drones on the list. The Sky Viper is really aimed young pilots, or people who want to play with a drone on the weekend. On the upside, this drone is seriously durable and will take a lot of abuse and keep on flying.

Parrot Bebop

Parrot Bebop droneParrot Bebop drone

 This is a great video drone for those of you that want to get into drone video capture and don’t mind spending a little bit more on a starter drone. Compared to the rest of the drones on the list the Bebop is a little bit more advanced, and a lot more expensive.

Those extra features include a much higher resolution camera and longer flight time, as well as a GPS enabled return to point of last take off feature.

  • 14 Megapixel Sensor
  • 180 degree Fisheye Lens (with rectilinear correction)
  • 1080p On-board Video Recording 8GB storage
  • Streaming Video to Smartphone
  • Controlled via app on Smartphone
  • 25 Minute Flight Time
  • 37 mph Top Speed
  • Maximum Range 984 feet
  • Return to Home (place of last take-off)

For around $500 this drone offers you a lot of value for your money, but it is lacking a few things that you will find on more expensive models. You also have own an apple or android smartphone, but most people have one these days.

One of the really cool things that this drone does is take the fisheye image that the camera creates and by using an algorithm in the processor, makes the image rectilinear, or normal looking. The reviews it gets are mixed, and don’t buy this drone if you are expecting top of the line performance.

Growing All The Time

 There are a variety of video drones available, and you are sure to find something that fits your needs and budget. The technology is improving all the time, but don’t wait to start learning. As the drones improve, so will you.

Don’t be afraid to do a lot of reading, and check out resources online before you buy. If you have a good idea of what you are looking to do with your drone it is really going to help you make up your mind, and not be disappointed with what you decide on.

Admir is a pharmacist by profession and hobby dronist by passion. He runs a review/news website on drones – and 2 big Instagram community pages. You can find him on Twitter  @derAdmir.

I am glad to share the following guest article by Julio Ventura from Drones World that focuses on 5 quite affordable consumer drone models. Fun flying everyone!


By Julio Ventura

Hello fellow drone lovers! Today we bring five of the best low-cost drones currently available in the market. We have compiled a list of five drones with above average specifications and features (regarding its price range). If you are looking for a good quality drone at an affordable price, you will surely find it on this list. These are some of the best and affordable drones for learning and practicing, and the all five are a good value for your money. Without further due let’s move on to our Top 5 Low-Cost Drones list!

5- FY326 Q7

FY326 Q7 droneThe FY326 Q7 drone

Our first drone on this list is the FY326, a very affordable toy quadcopter that was one of drone beginners’ top choices back in 2016 and 2015. Why? Well, besides being extremely affordable and packing all you need to fly right out of the box. This low-cost drones is very easy to control, therefore ideal to learn and practice. If you are a beginner, or are looking for a first drone to gift someone, this might be the one. FY326 excels in control distance, this toy quadcopter has an amazing control range of 150 meters! Way above the average range of other drones within the same price range. FY326 Q7 makes use of a 3.7V 600mAh battery, which powers up to 10 minutes of flight time (better flight time than other drones within its price range). As mentioned previously, FY326 is a beginner’s toy quadcopter, aimed to anyone looking to learning and practice how to fly a drone without having to spend much money. However, due to its low price and above average specifications, the manufacturers had to cut somewhere. FY326 doesn’t come with a wide set of features, in fact the only feature that FY326 has is the 360º aerial stunt with just the push of a button. Overall, FY326 is the perfect beginner’s drone, although it lacks some useful and fun features. One of the best drones you can buy at a very low price.

4- Pioneer JXD 509V

Pioneer JXD 509V droneThe Pioneer JXD 509V drone

The second drone on our Top 5 Low-Cost Drones list is the amazing Pioneer JXD 509V. Contrary to the previous drone on the list, Pioneer JXD 509V packs some very useful and fun features. JXD 509V design resembles the high-cost Yuneec Q500, a very interesting design in my opinion. This being said, let’s now talk about the camera. Although, JXD 509V is advertised has having a 2MP camera, it is in fact more of a VGA module camera. Still good quality, but of course do not expect fantastic high resolution footage. Camera can tilt 30º, allowing for the pilot to acquire different recording angles. JXD 509V, as previously mentioned, packs a wide set of fun features, such functions include: Headless Mode, Altitude Holder, One-Key Return and LED lights. Altitude Holder allows the drone to hover steadily by itself while the pilot focus on recording video or taking photos. On top of all these fun features, JXD 509V also has a decent control range of 80 meters and an amazing flight time of 10 minutes.

3- JJRC H26W

JJRC H26W droneThe JJRC H26W drone

JJRC is one of the most active low-cost drone manufacturers, currently in the market. They are known for producing high-quality toy drones which always have above average specifications. JJRC likes to focus on a feature or aspect of a drone and enhance it. The JJRC H26W model focus on FPV Transmission. Before we discuss the real-time video transmission capabilities of this drone, let me first mention why JJRC H26W is such a great value or its money. First, it includes all you need to fly right out of the box. Secondly, it has an astonishing maximum control range of 300 meters (way beyond any same-price drone). Thirdly, it’s incredibly easy to control, mainly due to its smooth and steady hover. Now to talk about the FPV Transmission. H26W comes from a line of JJRC models, the H26, that mainly focus on the camera aspect. H26W is the model aimed at live video transmission. H26W drone packs a 2MP camera capable of recording 720p resolution, shoots video and takes photos. Live Video transmission is done via WiFi directly to the pilot’s smartphone. The pilot must install a free to download app (available for both Android and iOS) on their smartphone and connect via WiFi to the drone. The pilot will then be able to watch the live video directly on his or her mobile device. On top of all this JJRC H26W also features Headless Mode and One Key Return functions.

2- JJRC H26D

JJRC H26D droneThe JJRC H26D drone       

H26D is the drone aimed at good quality camera for a very affordable price. JJRC H26D is one of the best toy drones for anyone on a short budget looking for an easy to fly drone with great range and camera quality. H26D packs a 3MP camera, other drones within its price range only include 1MP to 2MP. But not H26D, this large toy quadcopter besides including a 3MP camera with a wide-angle lens! The camera is placed on a 2-Axis Adjustable Gimbal capable of tilting 30º (acquiring different recording angles). An above average toy camera, placed on a powerful and easy to control drone. As most products from JJRC, H26D has an astonishing maximum control range of 300 meters, enough for you to fly the drone way past eyesight. Powered by a 7.4V 1200Mah battery, this large drone has a flight time of 6 to 7 minutes. Besides this great specifications and good quality toy camera, H26D features Headless Mode, One Key Return and 360º aerial stunt with just the push of a button. Headless Mode will make the drone easier to control and One Key Return will make sure you don’t lose your drone when reaching maximum range of 300 meters. Thanks to One Key Return, the drone safely flies back to you. JJRC H26D is an amazing and affordable toy drone, currently in the market you won’t find another drone with a 3MP camera and 300 meters range at this price.

1- UPair One

UPair One droneThe UPair One drone

In 1st place of our Top 5 Low-Cost Drones list, is the most expensive drone on the list and is not a toy-grade drone. UPair One is a powerful and yet affordable alternative to a DJI Phantom high-budget model. UPair One packs some amazing features and specifications, an all you need to fly right out of the box drone, UPair One is your affordable alternative to a higher-budget drone. UPair One comes with a 12MP 4K camera manufactured by SONY itself. Expect good quality 4K footage at 24 frames per second. The drone is also capable of transmitting live video via 5.8 Ghz frequency directly to a FPV screen attached to the remote controller. Th Live Video is done in great quality. Other features of UPair One are the GPS Dual Compass, Failsafe Return to Home (drone returns to pilot automatically when battery runs low), GPS Position Hold, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Orientation Control (much like Headless Mode) and Return to Home. But wait, there’s more! UPair One also has a very long range and amazing flight time. This drone can fly as far as 300 meters and staying in air for 22 minutes! Indeed, UPair One is a great value or your money, its less than twice the price of a DJI Phantom 3 and still much cheaper than a DJI Phantom 2.

 What did you think of our Top 5 Low-Cost Drones list? There are more great drones that could be on this list. Which drone would you add or remove? Let us know in the comment section below! Happy flying fellow drone lovers!


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Thank you to Evan Sparks, creator of the youtube channel Sparks Productions, for sharing this nice video about a first flight with the DJI Mavik Pro.
[embedded content]
Stay tuned on the Personal Drones Blog for the latest quadcopter and mult…

Thank you to Evan Sparks, creator of the youtube channel Sparks Productions, for sharing this nice video about a first flight with the DJI Mavik Pro.
[embedded content]
Stay tuned on the Personal Drones Blog for the latest quadcopter and mult…

It’s great to get out and fly your drone in a nice location. However there are times in which it would be great to be able practice your flying skills, or just have fun, without leaving your home. So this Michael Karp’s post on a selection of small drones for indoor flying is indeed of great interest. Thank you Michael for the great job!


By Michael Karp

Not all drones are created equal.

Some are meant for aerial photography, surveying, search and rescue, racing, and much more.

But most of those drones aren’t meant for one thing: Flying indoors.

They’re usually too big and bulky, so when the weather isn’t cooperating, what are you supposed to do?

In this article, I’m going to break down seven small drones that are excellent indoor flyers. And despite their size, many of them have some surprisingly advanced features.

Let’s get to it!



The Night Lions Tech X800S is ultra small. It can almost fit in the palm of your hand.
This drone comes with six blades for added lift and stability, and it is more than small enough to be a great indoor flyer.
The X800S comes with LED lights for some fun nighttime flying, and it can do 360-degree flips in any direction.
It also comes with a one-key return-to-home function (the push of a button brings the drone back to you).
If you’re looking for an interesting mini drone to get your hands on, check out the X800S.

2) HVR Mini Drone with Video Camera

HVR Mini Drone with Video CameraHVR Mini Drone with Video Camera

As you can see from the image above, the HVR Mini Drone is comparable to the size of a quarter.
This is one of the few small drone models that comes with a video camera, and it includes a 4GB memory card to store your pictures and videos.
It can do front flips, back flips, and barrel rolls, and the HVR Mini Drone only takes about 20 minutes to recharge, so you can be up an away again in no time.

3) Hubsan Q4 H111

Hubsan Q4 H111Hubsan Q4 H111

Hubsan is one of the most trusted brands on the market. Many of their drones make good training quadcopters.
The Q4 H111 is an awesome little drone for having fun indoors. You can do 360-degree flips in any direction and other aerial tricks flying around your home.
Its flashing lights indicate where the quadcopter is in low-light conditions, and it’s powerful enough to reach some pretty fast speeds.
The Q4 H111 is, all-in-all, a neat RC quadcopter.

4) TEC.BEAN Pocket Drone

TEC.BEAN Pocket DroneTEC.BEAN Pocket Drone

The TEC.BEAN Pocket Drone is one of the coolest quadcopters on the market.
Its controller doubles as a carrying case. You can literally fit everything you need in your pocket and take it with you.
The quad also comes with an all-around propeller guard, which is great for indoor flight as you will most likely crash into walls and other objects.

5) Helizone Sparrow

Helizone SparrowHelizone Sparrow

With its matte finish, the Helizone Sparrow is a super sleek drone.
It comes with a surprisingly powerful 720p camera built-in and a 4GB memory card for storing your pictures and videos.
The Sparrow also offers three different speeds depending on your skill level. Its top speed can handle moderate outdoor winds.
For under $50, this little quad packs in some solid technology.

6) SKEYE Hexa Drone

skeye hexa droneskeye hexa drone

The SKEYE Hexa Drone is the second hexacopter in this list, except it comes with a propeller guard for all six blades.
In addition to its added lift and stability from its blades, this drone comes with adjustable gyro sensitivity. You can increase or decrease its acrobatic capability depending on how sharp you want your spins and turns to be.
The hexacopter comes ready to fly right out of the box, and it includes replacement props.

7) Holy Stone F180C

Holy Stone F180CHoly Stone F180C

This is the most expensive drone in this list, but it’s also the coolest.
The Holy Stone F180C is small enough to fly indoors, but big enough to carry some cool tech.
It comes with a 1280×720 pixel camera that takes pictures and videos, and the controller has an LCD display that shows you flight telemetry data (like battery life).
The F180C has four sensitivity modes. As your skills grow, you can increase the sensitivity to do more acrobatic maneuvers. The quad also comes with a replacement battery, so you can have one charging while you use the other one, maximizing your flight time.
If you’re looking for a mini drone that’s a little more advanced, this quad is a great choice.

Over to You
There are TONS of small drone models out there. These are just a few of the best models I’ve come across.
Don’t spend too much time picking apart each drone’s specs and features. Pick one that looks right for you and give it a go.
What drone do you fly? Let me know in the comments below.

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