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Knysna, South Africa, July 26, 2018 – ALTI UAS, world-leading unmanned aircraft developer and manufacturing company, launches advanced Ground Control System (GCS). A complete control and command station for the ALTI Transition unmanned aircraft system as well as other stand-alone aircraft control or camera gimbal and sensor control unit.

The ALTI GCS is an advanced, modular, multi-link unmanned aircraft command and control system. It features everything from a high-quality intel computer, pre-loaded with all the relevant mission planning software, dual screen design layout, backup data telemetry link, long range control link, main digital data link (flight planning and telemetry) as well as HD video support, all integrated seamlessly into a lightweight Pelican Air travel case.

An optional Range Extension Package is available for the ALTI GCS, which boasts a long-range data and video operation of up to 100km, made possible using a pneumatic telescopic mast and directional grid antenna along with a 10W Microhard amplifier and optional antenna trackers.

The ALTI GCS is complete with Intel NUC computer including wireless keyboard and mouse and comes standard with duel 15.6” LED HD display monitors allowing for 160°/160° viewing angles. The digital and video link is powered by Microhard MIMO 2.4Ghz pMDDL2450 ENC radio systems, a solution that provides the bandwidth and range needed for complex data intensive applications.

The ALTI Ground Control Station is designed specifically for the ALTI Transition, It is the ultimate all-round compact GCS solution for effectively controlling the ALTI Transition and other similar unmanned aircraft” said Duran De Villiers, Director, ALTI UAS.

The ALTI GCS is compatible with the ALTI Transition, a highly capable, reliable and affordable civil use commercial VTOL (vertical take-off and land) aircraft. The Transition features impressive endurance of up to 12 hours, 3m wingspan, and with zero take-off run required, making it a pure VTOL unmanned aircraft.

The ALTI GCS is compatible with various other unmanned aircraft, fixed wing, rotor wing, as well as hybrid aircraft, small quadcopters to large, long endurance fixed wings and more.

The ALTI GCS is available with and included in any purchase of the ALTI Transition and also available for sale as a stand-alone product. For more information on the ALTI GCS and ALTI Transition contact:

Telephone: +27 44 382 7051

Luzern, Switzerland – July, 2018

Drone Harmony reinvents the way people fly drones commercially. With its professional flight planner users gain safety and quality due to full automation, from obstacle avoiding plan generation to the actual flight execution. The app collects ultra-high resolution images and videos.

The unique benefits of using the Drone Harmony app include:

  • Full automation: Plan generation, obstacle avoidance and flights are all done automatically.
  • Full 3D interface: All interactions from objects definitions through plan generation to the flight itself are visualized in 3D to eliminate uncertainty and errors.
  • Better quality in less time: Collection of ultra-high resolution images and videos, precise  and fully reproducible in a fraction of the time.
  • Easy to use and learn: Intuitive interfaces, full visualization, training in less than 30min.

Drone Harmony works with a number of industry partners on drone workflow automation for various  industrial use cases, including Bentley System’s Reality Modelling team, SiteSee (AUS), The iGlobe Group (RSA), VertSpec (USA) and EasyInspect (Denmark), as well as dozens of customers and resellers around the world. Drone Harmony enjoyed fruitful collaboration with these companies on projects ranging beyond cell tower inspections.

More than 20’000 experienced professional pilots, hobby pilots and even beginners already benefit from the powerful Drone Harmony mission planner.  For this reason Drone Harmony offers different pricing / license plans:

  • The Basic Version ($29 lifetime price after a 30 days free trial period) is ideal for individuals flying their drone during outdoor activities or holidays.
  • The Pro Version ($29 monthly license after a 14 days free trial period) is perfect for a small company operating with an inspire offering complex inspection, mapping and professional cinematographic services.
  • The Business Version ($99 monthly license after a 14 days free trial period) is suited for a drone business performing regular inspections with several professional drones at larger scale, requiring consistent data, reduced time on site and the ability to deal with complex data capture scenarios.
  • The Academic Version ($49 monthly license after a 14 days free trial period) is intended for universities, research groups and institutions with research projects involving professional drone flying.
  • Enterprises with many job sites that require seamless and customized integration of drone operations into the company workflow processes will be able to get a customized Enterprise Plan. The fight planning platform allows Drone Harmony to quickly create new flight patterns tailored to the enterprise’s requirements.

Moreover, Drone Harmony mission planner app is the basis of a new fully automated capture app tailored for cell tower inspections, featuring a scene-centered workflow, a full 3D planning environment and obstacle avoidance. Automated workflows have proven their potential to reduce the death toll of tower climbers and to cut inspection costs by as much as 50%. Planning and setting up the inspection flight with Drone Harmony takes about 5 – 10 minutes. A game changer.

The iGlobe Group which is a specialized integrator, focusing on geospatial orientated applications in the mining, municipality, utility, and private sector, has already tested Drone Harmony Cell Tower Scan extensively. Both managers and pilots are enthusiastic about this app. They were able to reduce the inspection time from 19 to just 8 hours and drastically increase the quality of the deliverable.

Drone Harmony was founded in 2016 by a team of highly educated problem solvers with a passion for drones, software and automation. From the very early days, Drone Harmony have set out to tackle the mathematical and engineering challenges of enabling cost-effective deployment of drone technology in industries, where existing technologies were unable to deliver.

Terra Drone Corporation have developed UTM’s new function based on Terra UTM, in regards to the technical verification of “Drone Highway Initiative.” * 1 Tokyo Electronic Ventures (TEPCO Ventures)* 2 and Zenrin Co., Ltd. are promoting.

In March 2018, in cooperation with the TEPCO group, Terra Drone carried out Automatic drone flight utilizing simulated data assuming acquisition from meteorological observation equipment attached to the power transmission facility.


 (1) A linkage between meteorological observation data and Terra UTM.

Terra Drone and TEPCO Ventures linked processing data acquired from meteorological observation instrument attached to the power transmission tower to Terra UTM.

(2) Drone flight utilizing meteorological observation data

When Terra UTM recognizes data of strong wind which is beyond a previously determined threshold acquired from weather observation instrument(we preset threshold), Terra UTM automatically takes the drones to the prescribed evacuation area.


Results of demonstration

According to the success of the demonstration, the critical essence of the “Drone Highway Concept” to improve the safety of airspace where drones fly by various sensors attached to TEPCO’s power transmission tower is useful. Besides, the practical utility of Terra UTM as the platform for the concept and its extensibility is also proven.

By providing Terra UTM as the platform for various projects including the “Drone highway concept,” Terra Drone and TEPCO Ventures continue to contribute to the safe and secure drone flight, and eventually, realize the “Revolution in the Sky.”


* 1 Toward the realization of “Drone Highway concept”

* 2 TEPCO Ventures Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TEPCO Holdings Co., Ltd. established in May 2018 and succeeded to the drone highway Initiative. TEPCO Ventures Website:

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The success of the tourism industry has skyrocketed with the new popularity of drones. With a strong online presence of these visually stimulating aerial videos, people are becoming more interested in travel. They crave to reach new heights and travel to different places, thanks to the videos of breathtaking views that are popping up in all social media platforms.

Now, helicopters are no longer needed to capture aerial coverage because drones now available for use. One of the most prominent posts across all social media are travel videos taken by drones. Let’s take a look at how drones contribute to tourism marketing.

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Innovation in Video Content Creation

Thanks to drones, the hospitality industry has dramatically cut costs on producing high quality aerial videography and relevant video content promoting travel destinations. These videos replace mainstream, smartphone photography for the consumption of online viewers. They aim to increase number of views and “shares” week after week. With the help of social media platforms, many dream destinations all over the globe have been discovered after their aerial videos started “trending” online. It’s easy to entice travelers when they see cinematic videography of their dream destinations, and with the use of drones, some of the most beautiful aerial video has been captured and posted online.

Promoting Isolated Places

Drones are highly capable of capturing places not known to many people. Business owners of hotels and resorts located on top of a mountain or in the middle of an unknown island have turned to drones for tourism campaigns. What’s more, travelers themselves who love to capture amateur aerial videos promote these places as they share their experiences on social media. The possibilities of these amateur videos reaching to numerous audiences are endless.

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Producing Videos to Promote Leisure Activities

When traveling, people do not only visit to see the place, they want to experience the leisure activities being offered and enjoy the amenities. Quality videos of different activities while capturing the whole landscape of the locale have helped tourism boost its online presence everywhere. Heart pumping activities can be captured as they happen, giving thrill to those who crave adventure.

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Promoting Culture

Through Videos People have made travel goals to see different tourist attractions around the world. But one thing that attracts people to certain places is the opportunity to experience a unique culture. Postcard-worthy pictures and iphone shots cannot compare to the cinematic drone videos that are the staple of tourism video campaigns. The site of a new city in natural light catches the interest of travelers, showing a true “feel” of how it is to be in that particular location.

Tourism drones have revolutionized tourism campaigns, helping grow economic activity in more ways than one. They creates opportunities for videographers to showcase the wonders of the world, and to promote various cultures as well. After all, a wonderful culture deserves appreciation from millions of viewers and soon to be regular visitors.

Guest post by Amanda Shaffer

Amanda Shaffer is a freelance blogger and outreach specialist. She enjoys slow-paced travel to the distant corners of the galaxy, always bringing along her trusty pooch, Bond. Amanda enjoys snapping super-professional photos with her phone or – when she’s lucky – exploring with a friend’s drone for a bird’s-eye-view of new adventures. For inquiries, you can find her on LinkedIn here.

Team UAV, a leading drone inspection and survey company based in the United Kingdom have today launched a confined space drone cage solution specific for the DJI Phantom 4 drone – the most widely used drone in the industry.

Lewis Pritchard CEO of Team UAV said; “We’ve been developing dronecage in response to the growing confined space and indoor drone inspection industry. Before Dronecage, the cost of carrying out these inspections and surveys were restrictive due to the high cost of associated drone equipment. Dronecage has completely changed the way confined space inspections are carried out by dramatically lowering the cost of the drone equipment associated with them, giving the user ultra high quality data and making these types of tasks even safer by using familiar, user friendly equipment that requires no extra training to use.

Already, Team UAV have seen a significant increase in the amount of indoor and confined space inspections as a proportion of our business, so we can only say that having this product as part of our capability portfolio has increased the areas in which we can operate. It is sufficient to say, users of Dronecage can now provide higher quality datasets to their Clients, safer and at a more competitive rate. This should really help drones come to the forefront of the confined space inspection & survey industry.”

Dronecage is made from ultra-lightweight, advanced aerospace grade carbon fibre memory materials. It is ergonomically designed to be robust, take hits, knocks and bumps and carry on flying. Dronecage is lightweight too, meaning it has long flight times, has ultra bright LED lights available and requires no extra training to be used.

The Aerobo team works on hundreds of film and commercial projects a year and often encounter young, innovative talent who isn’t getting recognition they deserve. Few are pushing the boundaries with aerial photography, and the Aerobo team wants to help shine a light on those who are.

This is why the aerial cinematographers at Aerobo are hosting an Instagram drone photography contest for emerging talent. They will announce finalists on a weekly basis. After 5 weeks, the grand prize winner will take home $500 and earn a feature on their website.

See the announcement here, and read this post for full eligibility criteria.

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Adrenaline junkies and sofa spectators alike will agree that there’s nothing like a good race. And what could be more exciting than a race against two seemingly incompatible contenders? In just such a match-up, YouTube is full of videos demonstrating examples of this thrilling, sci-fi-esque flavor of race. Take for example the following drone vs. car race in Dubai:

[embedded content]

Or this example where the race car company built their own custom super drone for the face-off:

[embedded content]

In the first video, the drone wins. Arguably, this is because the car was racing on highways, not a dedicated track, and therefore had to contend with certain obstacles and barriers that slowed it down. The drone obviously had no such constraints. In the second video, where the car gets to race on a closed track, the car wins. Could this be because the drone was not a true racing drone?

No doubt there will continue to be endless racing pitting drones against race cars, and the outcome will be different in each case. The real question is, which is better, racing cars, or racing drones? If it’s adrenaline you want, both definitely fit the bill. If you’re going for the thrill of the landscape blurring past, again, both can offer you that – drones through the medium of FPV. Race cars offer the advantage of getting to actually sit in the vehicle. But how many of us can actually afford (or have the training) to have a real race car experience? Racing drones, on the other hand, are cheap enough to be accessible to almost anyone who wants to give it a go and experience the inexpressible thrill of hurtling at top speeds through a race course. This is article is written in conjunction with




Previous articleNew EU General Aviation Regulation Creates One Big Sky Over Europe

Frankfurt/Karlsruhe, 17 July 2018. The new EU general aviation regulation will be coming into force in just a few days’ time. This marks a new era for drones and will create one big sky over Europe for unmanned aviation. The new European Union regulation will enable operators of unmanned aircraft to use previously banned modes of operation and types of deployment in the future. The same rules will also apply in all EU member states for the first time.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt is the first European conference at which operators and manufacturers will be able to discuss the general aviation regulation’s consequences. Prominent members of the European Parliament, the EU Commission and industry will set out how the law will be implemented. The CEOs of DJI and Yuneec will join Koen de Vos from the European Commission in outlining the new requirements and opportunities for the drone industry.

Aiming for a safe, quiet and emission-free European drone market
The effects of the new law will be felt not only in the areas of logistics, surveying and inspection but also in the development of air taxis and the security sector, marking a new chapter in the history of aviation. The main challenges for the new legislation involve ensuring safety/security and uniform international regulations in the face of innovation and new business models. “We must ensure all drones are safe. Any incident will affect the success of the entire sector,” stresses Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Marian Jean-Marinescu, who will be answering questions about the new regulation at the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT 2018.

Possible drone applications have increased rapidly in recent years – especially with regard to inspections – and the market potential for drones has mushroomed in a very short space of time. New business models for these flying sensors are emerging on a daily basis. Following a reclassification in the general aviation regulation, for example, fully automatic inspections will now be possible over large distances. Safe flying beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) in the future is thus opening up a whole host of possible new uses. Thanks to drones and integrated software, previously difficult and time-consuming inspections can now be completed automatically in a matter of minutes. Examples include automatic flights to check rail lines, detect leaks in district heating lines or survey stockpiles, buildings or bridges and then quickly and efficiently evaluate the data collected. The potential savings in traditional sectors of industry are huge.

The new possibilities and underlying conditions are significant for all areas of business and industry. The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT and INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS are both part of INTERGEO, Europe’s number one event and conference for drone applications. Over 120 companies will be showing the industry and the service sector how using unmanned aircraft can cut costs. Protection and safety aspects will also be covered, with a dedicated area devoted to defence against drones and their safe control.

At the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT, entrepreneurs, drone operators, industry representatives and public officials can find out about the decisions that need to be taken. Specialist workshops will provide participants with concrete answers to questions about logistics, inspection, drone defence and safety, together with an idea of the form the future UTM drone control system will take. Tickets for the conference are still available at a reduced rate until 20 August.

For the #EDS2018 the ticket shop is open: Interested parties can secure the early booking discount until 20 August 2018. The shop can be accessed online at:

The following price categories apply:
– UAV DACH members incl. early bird discount: € 450.00
– UAV DACH members standard price: € 540.00
– Standard price incl. early bird discount: € 510.00
– Standard price: € 660.00
UAV DACH members can use a code to order tickets.

As the first platform for the entire drone sector, the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT gives users, legislators and representatives of various technologies the opportunity to meet and talk about relevant issues and ideas for the future. Political experts, industry specialists and user groups gather to discuss solutions for safe commercial unmanned aircraft systems in Europe. The goal of the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is to channel ideas and decisions relating to unmanned aircraft systems in such a way as to highlight how UAV technology can be used now and in the future by representatives of various sectors. The focus is on economic benefits and safety.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is taking place on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt. The INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO is the largest commercial drones trade fair in Europe and is being held from 16 – 18 October, also in Frankfurt.

Pictured from left to right: Marc Kegelaers (Unifly), Marc Coen (Unifly), Laurent Huenaerts (Unifly), Sasha Bilous (Aeronyde), Ellen Malfliet (Unifly) and Eric Acton (Aeronyde)

July 16, 2018. Melbourne, FL– Today, Florida-based Autonomous Aerial Systems (AAS) company Aeronyde and Belgian Unmanned Traffic Management provider Unifly announced a partnership to bring advanced UAV technology to emergency responders. The companies will integrate Unifly’s Unmanned Traffic Management services, along with Aeronyde’s system for Autonomous flight, to create an efficient self-flying system for police and fire departments.

The Aeronyde-Unifly partnership will create an autonomous system to enable emergency responders to scale their drone operations. The resulting system will offer on-demand dispatching of registered and authorized drones, and will deliver real-time situational awareness of scenes of distress.

State and local authorities and public safety services are increasingly leveraging drones in their daily operations in order to fulfil their core missions. Drones are already being used in numerous use-cases, such as fire spot detection from above buildings, tracking fleeing suspects, search & rescue operations, on-demand AED delivery, scene reconstruction after a car accident, and more. Aeronyde’s technology will enable the development of many more use-cases, including routine neighborhood aerial patrols to keep citizens safe during the day and at night.

The Aeronyde-Unifly partnership works to simplify the drone dispatch and management process, to enable Emergency Responders to focus on the valuable data that serves their mission, not on the logistics of operating drones:  Before the flight, drone operators can easily plan and validate their mission through a user-friendly interface. Unifly’s flight validation engine not only checks compliance with all federal, state, and local rules and regulations, but it also ensures deconfliction between drone operations. The platform enables the local operators and central authorities to monitor and track the drones in real time. After an operation, specific tools such as the logs and the replay mode, allow for easy post-flight analysis and analytics.

The Aeronyde-Unifly integration is currently in development and will be demonstrated later this summer in the presence of local and state authorities and key industry stakeholders.

Marc Kegelaers, CEO of Unifly: “Unifly truly believes in building a global ecosystem of partners in order to advance the drone industry. In this way, we are very happy to support Aeronyde in implementing its ambitious ideas and proud that our technology will help public safety agencies to better serve and protect the citizens”.

Edgar Munoz, CEO of Aeronyde: “Whenever I visit a new city, I look up and see endless possibility. I see self-flying vehicles zipping safely along urban skyways, helping people and serving the needs of a growing world. To make this happen, we’re honoured to partner with Unifly, a leader in unmanned traffic management, systems design, airspace safety and regulation, and beyond. The Sky’s no Limit!”.

About Aeronyde

Aeronyde Corporation is an Autonomous Aerial Systems (AAS) building safest and most reliable autonomous fleet management platform for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The firm aims to deliver a turnkey Level 6 autonomy UAV service for emergency responders and disaster relief in 2019. Aeronyde, based on the Florida Space Coast, is working with local emergency response agencies in Palm Bay, FL to identify key operational needs and requirements of ER personnel.

Aeronyde’s Autonomous Fleet Management (AFM) platform together with our intelligent UAVs will bring order to autonomous urban UAS operations. Our goal is to ensure public safety and privacy are addressed prior to commercialization. In collaboration with IBM, Aeronyde will introduce advanced machine learning for UAS to deliver the highest quality of service to public safety clients. The Live Inspection and Surveillance Aircraft (LISA) platform will demonstrate safe urban operation with enhanced data collection capabilities.

To read more about Aeronyde, visit

About Unifly

Unifly is a leading global supplier of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions, connecting authorities with operators to integrate drones into the airspace safely and securely and to make denser traffic of automated drone operations possible.

Founded by experienced air traffic controllers and pilots with an in-depth knowledge of aviation and the existing safety culture, Unifly has built extensive experience through its active participation in numerous international research projects and the successful deployment of its UTM solutions at a national scale with Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), airports, local authorities, and technology partners around the world.

To read more about Unifly, visit

Drones are being used more and more to document outdoor concerts and music festivals all over the world. The aerial footage can provide a fresh view of a familiar event. But there are some tips that drone pilots should know before planning to fly these types of gatherings.

First and foremost, be sure to partner with event organizers if you plan to fly drones at a concert or festival. Most events will hire a pilot or production company and work with them to determine what footage should be taken. Flying a drone at a concert or festival without prior permission is highly discouraged and could lead to a variety of problems.

Once the proper permission has been obtained, map out safe locations on-site from which to take off and land drones from during the event. It’s important to have a designated area for drone operations that is far away from crowds or other equipment that could interfere with safe drone flights. And always be sure to choose flight paths that will avoid flying over people or crowds — which is illegal in most countries, including the United States.

There are many safe and creative ways to capture great footage at concerts without flying over the crowd. Flying over buildings near stages allows drones to get close to the action while remaining legal. Using a zoom lens, like the 50 millimeter Zenmuse X7 camera on the DJI Inspire 2, also gives the appearance of being closer to the action while maintaining a safe distance. That is what AirVūz did during the Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as the official aerial footage providers for the event.

AirVūz has filmed other music festivals, such as Air + Style in Los Angeles and the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis. Drone pilots from around the world have used their quadcopters to document the action from other events like Burning Man, the LIT Festival in Colombia, and much more.

With drones continuing to increase in popularity while decreasing in price, expect to see drones being used even more to take footage of large-scale events like these.

For more information, contact Tyler Mason, Director of Public Relations, at


About AirVūz

Since its launch in 2015, AirVūz has become the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform and global community for drone pilots and aerial media enthusiasts. Drone enthusiasts worldwide can upload and share videos and photos in unlimited quantity and at no cost. Site users have free access to an ever-growing library of drone media content including easily browsable categories such as travel, extreme sports, golf courses, drone racing, landmarks and more. AirVūz users also have access to original AirVūz content, including the weekly AirVūz News program, profiles of top content creators, product reviews, and how-to information for drone pilots on how to take and edit high quality drone video.