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Houston, Texas, April 23, 2018 – The Energy Drone Coalition Summit & Expo, the biggest event exclusively focused on the business and technology of UAVs/Robotics (aerial, ground/surface & subsea) in energy operations, is pleased to announce the all-new 2018 agenda and details for the upcoming event, with workshops taking place June 19 and Summit & Expo June 20-21.

As the largest event in the world that exclusively focuses on the business and technology of UAVs / robotics and the key challenges & solutions, attendees will have the chance to connect with and learn from fellow energy UAV / robotics experts & specialists, energy company UAV operators & executives, regulators and UAV/Robotics hardware, software and data technology specialists — all specifically aimed at efficient, successful & safe drone operations globally around critical infrastructure / energy facilities.

“This is the largest and most innovative set of workshops, general sessions, use cases and demos that we have ever built for the energy industry,” stated Sean Guerre, Director, Energy Drone Coalition and InnovateEnergy. “With hundreds of topic submissions and the quality advice of our industry advisory board, we have built a loaded Summit that serves the rapidly growing industry needs for those launching their programs, building their programs and scaling their programs to enterprise-level.”

The agenda for this three-day, action-packed event is designed to provide participants the opportunity to gain vital insights and best practices within the fields of UAV, robotics and AI. A few of this year’s featured workshops and session highlights include:

  • Workshops and Co-Located Meetings:
    • Critical Infrastructure C-UAS & Security Forum
    • Designing, Launching & Scaling Energy/Engineering UAV Programs
    • Energy Robotics & AI Network
  • Summit Agenda Themes, which include Keynotes and Mega Panels Led by Industry Experts:
    • The Future of Energy Drones & Robotics is NOW
    • Energy UAV/Robotics Ops – Scaling to Enterprise
    • UAVs & Robotics to the Rescue in Energy Incidents
    • Energy UAV/Robotics – It’s a Great Big World
    • Data is the New Oil
    • Best Practices in Energy UAV & Unmanned Systems Ops Today
    • New Tech on the Block – Energy UAV & Unmanned Systems Near Term Reality
    • Breakthrough Tech for Energy Ops

The full schedule and session details are available here.

“The 2018 Energy Drone Coalition is an intensive course in meeting UAV, Robotics and AI’s best minds,” stated LaDonna Pettit, Director of Operations & Conferences, Energy Drone Coalition and InnovateEnergy. “With its high-quality attendees, not only will the summit be beneficial from a networking perspective, but also be valuable for its strong content.”

Due to increased demand and growth, the Energy Drone Coalition has doubled its expo space for the 2018 Summit. Attendees will have the opportunity to join over 800 leaders at the Energy Drone Coalition Summit, a part of InnovateEnergy, and interact with key decision makers involved with UAV, Robotics & AI technology from multiple critical infrastructure industries, including Oil & Gas, Power, Maritime, Wind/Solar, Chemical, Refining, Petrochemical, Energy Engineering & Construction.

Summit registration and details about Energy Drone Coalition Summit & Expo are available at

For sponsorship inquiries contact Sean Guerre,

About Energy Drone Coalition

The Energy Drone Summit is a forum dedicated to launching, growing and scaling enterprise UAV/Robotics operations in energy companies worldwide by bringing together the major rapidly growing segments within the UAV/AUV/Robotics ecosystem, with the energy industrial complex asset owners and end users.

This is the only event and information resource exclusively focused on the business and technology of UAVs/Robotics (aerial, ground/surface & subsea) in energy operations.

The goal of the Energy Drone Coalition is to connect fellow energy UAV/Robotics experts & specialists, energy company UAV operators & executives, regulators, UAV/Robotics hardware, software, data technology specialists all specifically aimed at efficient, successful & safe drone operations globally around critical infrastructure/energy facilities.

About InnovateEnergy

The energy industry is entering a period of significant disruption and opportunity as the race to find digital solutions and innovations becomes vital for success…

InnovateEnergy is your single-resource solution that delivers digital content, executive insights, thought leadership, “how-to” and “real-world” use cases in multiple channels for energy technology and innovation leaders worldwide. InnovateEnergy brings together energy leaders in industries such as VR/AR, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, energy digital innovation and technology.

Multiple events / communities existing within InnovateEnergy: the Energy Drone Coalition, the Energy Robotics & AI Network, the Industrial VR/AR ForumInnovateEnergy Leadership ForumEnergy Innovator’s Council and WorkforceNEXT Energy. Through these communities, InnovateEnergy will provide the latest trends, best practices, news and solutions surrounding the advancements of technology in the energy industry. Innov8.Energy.

About Stone Fort Group

Stone Fort Group does a lot… And we do it the way you want it.

We run dynamic and transformational b2b gatherings for the communities we serve, provide information resources and facilitate industry communication all year round – in multiple channels. We deliver content, relevancy, audiences – and drive business.

Our brands in Energy, Technology & Workforce are about serving you, talking about your challenges, opportunities, solutions and bringing buyers and sellers for emerging markets together year-round. It’s how our b2b media channels can help improve the quality, value and performance of the networking for communities we serve.

In a recent market survey, experts from the UAV sector analysed and assessed the current situation in the drone market. The survey questioned 350 German and international manufacturers and providers that produce drones or use them professionally. Expert interviews were also conducted and evaluated.

The findings shed real light on the UAV market and the issues of those involved. They highlight challenges but also a very clear trend in the industry towards growth and professionalisation.

“The idea of conducting surveys or inspections without drones has now become unthinkable,” says Kay Wackwitz, CEO of Drone Industry Insights, summarising the findings of the industry barometer. “These two fields are already showing the highest usage figures by far and are expected to deliver the biggest growth in the industry over the next 12 months,” he continues.

However, there is also a strong upwards trend in other areas of application. As the industry survey indicates, surveying and inspection are the top applications in the UAV market, with 80 percent of all drones launched for these purposes alone. Professional users such as drone-as- a-service providers clearly confirmed this in the survey, as nearly half of them
specialise in precisely these applications. For example, they map pieces of land and agricultural areas and inspect infrastructure by using the sensors on the drones to gather huge volumes of data for subsequent analysis.

Companies provided a thoroughly positive assessment of market development in the industry barometer. They intend to invest significantly in developing hardware and software, but also in the fields of marketing and sales, as there are still plenty of companies that are unaware of what an efficient tool a drone can be. The aim of the industry is to provide customers with perfect packages comprising end-to- end solutions.
The industry currently sees the legal framework conditions as a challenge. For example, the
companies indicated that it still takes too long to get a flight permit and the application process is too bureaucratic and not standardised. Nonetheless, it is still possible to develop efficient solutions and projects for customers when working within the known legislation.
INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS, part of INTERGEO in October, will provide an opportunity to
experience first-hand exactly what form these solutions and projects might take and the
potential of this high-tech industry. From 16 to 18 October, the industry will be opening its doors in Frankfurt to showcase the latest developments, projects and ideas.

The white paper is available now for download at

INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS, consisting of exhibition, forum & flight zone, is the number one marketplace for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in Europe. It visits a new German city each year in tandem with INTERGEO. The Forum deals with current issues from politics, administration, science and industry. The FlightZone in the outdoor zone offers live demonstrations of the various flight systems and thus delivers an all-round experience of products and the market.

INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS 2018 will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from 16 to 18 October.

Frankfurt/Braunschweig/Karlsruhe, 5 April 2018 | In addition to being a smart, up-and-coming technology, commercial drones are also an integral part of the digitalisation of business and society. The EU member states have agreed to introduce legislation regulating the operation of unmanned aircraft in Europe that takes into account both economic potential and safety requirements.

There is considerable need for dialogue at present from a number of perspectives. On the initiative of UAV DACH e.V. and the INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO, the inaugural EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT will take place on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt to support this process and bring together relevant stakeholders for discussion. The programme will be put together by UAV DACH experts and will explore legal aspects, technological issues and various areas of application. Leading politicians, industry representatives and user groups will meet on the eve of Europe’s largest trade fair for commercial drones.

The following high-calibre experts have already agreed to speak:

Peter van Blyenburgh, UVSI
Max Scheck, Vereinigung Cockpit
Jules Kneepkens, EASA a.D.
Martin Brandenburg, DJI
Dr. Andreas Lamprecht, AIRMAP
Dr. Jörg Seebach, DeDrone


As the first platform for the entire drone sector, the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT gives users, legislators and representatives of various technologies the opportunity to meet and talk about relevant issues and ideas for the future. Political experts, industry specialists and user groups gather to discuss solutions for safe commercial unmanned aircraft systems in Europe.

The goal of the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is to channel ideas and decisions relating to unmanned aircraft systems in such a way as to highlight how UAV technology can be used now and in the future by representatives of various sectors. The focus is on economic benefits and safety.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is taking place on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt.

The INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO is the largest commercial drones trade fair in Europe and is being held from 16 – 18 October, also in Frankfurt.

UAV DACH is the event sponsor and initiator.
Event management is the responsibility of HINTE Expo & Conference.

3W-International GmbH authorised Sky Power GmbH for further development and performance enhancement of 3W engines. Along this line, the first new additional products and new performance engines will be presented even before Xponential 2018 in Denver.

“We look forward to the results because we can provide our customers with a broad range of performance engines”, explains Karsten Schudt, managing partner at 3W-International GmbH. In addition to the standard engines from 3W-International, propulsion units to be individually optimized in matters of consumption and performance were being repeatedly requested from the customers’ side. “Sky Power’s function is similar to a contract tuner for a car manufacturer. Customer adaptations, new developments, and performance enhancement of 3W products are the goal of that partnership.”, according to Schudt.

As the first step, Sky Power GmbH implemented an improvement in the ignition and injection systems, which are destined to be used in all 3W engines. “The initial tests are promising and show that we can expect massive fuel savings. We’ve already introduced the systems at individual conferences with positive feedback. The first engines will be presented to professional visitors at the Xponential in Denver.

3W-International will present the latest developments at booth no. 2210.

About 3W International GmbH

With more than 35 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing, and testing 2-stroke engines, 3W-International GmbH has developed and patented the newest generation of Heavy Fuel (HF) engines for the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry.

The quality of 3W engines stems from several factors. Technical expertise, long-term experience, tradition, and state-of-the-art production are the reasons for one of the highest qualities in the industry. 3W is opposed to manufacturing abroad, so customers can be sure every engine is of German quality.

From R&D, prototyping, purchasing, manufacturing, and calibration to in-time delivery, 3W guarantees constant and permanent quality control. Every manufacturing step is traceable. Employees are personally responsible for the fulfilment of 3W quality standards. Component suppliers and partners share these standards and guarantee these quality requirements.

The fourth annual Drone Focus Conference will be held at the Fargo Civic Center on Wednesday, May 30 through Thursday, May 31. This event is set to host over 600 attendees from across the nation in the heart of downtown Fargo. Having been called, “A Silicon Valley for Drones” by the New York Times, North Dakota is poised to take the UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) industry to new heights.

In 2017, Drone Focus Conference welcomed over 600 attendees from 29 states and eight countries for a day and a half focused on drones and autonomous vehicles. Speakers ranged from local startup founders to U.S. Department of Transportation, Secretary Elaine Chao. The Drone Focus Conference organizing team described the conference as, “An opportunity to gather and make meaningful connections in the unmanned systems industry. The goal was and always will be that attendees spend more time networking and sharing ideas than in their seats listening and getting information overload.”

Drone Focus Conference 2018 aims to build on the success of past years and continue to explore what it takes to build the infrastructure, software, systems and resources for an autonomous nation. Over the course of the two-day event, attendees will get a chance to hear short-format talks from over 50 speakers on topics ranging from cybersecurity and innovative hardware to policies and ethics regarding autonomous systems.

The short-format talks challenge speakers to present relevant information quickly and concisely, with only four to twelve minutes on stage. Attendees will also have the opportunity to get hands-on with interactive workshops, focused lunch panels, and a party with live demos.

Other elements of the conference include a Drone Focus Film Festival, student pitches, the celebration of National Autonomous Vehicle Day (May 31st) and much more. For those interested in improving our world through the use of unmanned systems, Drone Focus Conference is a can’t-miss event.

More information and tickets are available online:

Baltimore, Maryland. March 14th, 2018 – The 2nd annual Baltimore Drone Prix will be held during the 2018 Light City Festival on April 14th, 15th and 21st. Global Air Media ,the area’s premiere drone services company, has partnered with The Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts to bring the historic drone race to the Inner Harbor. The race will feature a one-of-a-kind course, highlighted by illuminated, artistic obstacles on Rash Field. The events will take place over a 3 day period: preliminary races and championship rounds on April 14th and 15th, closing with a youth and amateur competition on Saturday, April 21st. The 2018 Baltimore Drone Prix will feature a $1200 grand prize for professional racers from around the region, as well as prizes for spectators and amateurs. A youth drone racing team from the Greenmount West Community will headline the amateur race. Amateurs are invited to enjoy a free fly session and test their skills on the course. The event is free to the public. Participants can sign up at

The amateur race will star The Flash, a team of local teenagers from Greenmount West Community Center, who are building their own racing drones as part of an 8 week training program. During their training sessions, they learn about drones and related STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) technology, as well as aviation safety, career opportunities, and entrepreneurship.

The 2nd annual Baltimore Drone Prix will take place April 14th, 15th and 21st in the Inner Harbor, with preliminary races between 4-8 pm and championship rounds from 9-11pm. The 146ft long, 26ft tall race course will also function as an amazing attraction with large, illuminated artwork lining the course for the drones to dart around at breakneck speeds. Last year’s races attracted over 500 spectators, including Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh, who stated to the crowd, “It’s only going to get bigger!”. Light City 2018 is expected to attract over 500,000 visitors.

Global Air Media is one of the premiere drone companies in the US. The company brings unique experience to the classroom, having carried out drone missions on 4 continents, including disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Bangladesh.

Néstor is an agricultural engineer and graduate of the Agronomy College at Argentina’s National University of Rosario. Today, as a professor and researcher at the same institution, he develops functions in land management, applied remote sensing and GIS. His main interests include the application of geotechnologies, such as mapping drones, in the monitoring of natural resources and agro-ecosystems, site-specific management (spanning pasture & various crops), and precision agriculture.

From 7 to 8 March 2018, the U. T. SEC will be opening its doors as the world’s first trade fair and conference on the future topic of unmanned technologies with a focus on security.

CURPAS e. V. and the members are involved. Likewise, the association is represented by Dr. Christina Eisenberg in the accompanying conference on the topic “Operation of UAV at the fire brigade using the example of the Spree-Neiße Bober Euroregion”

At the booth you can inform yourself about copter of Sitebots and Multirotor service drone.

As an association of manufacturers, users and scientific institutions, CURPAS e. V. has set itself the goal of raising awareness of the potential inherent in the use of UAVs and promoting innovative projects dealing with the use of UAVs.

The network actively initiates the innovative further development of carrier systems, mission-specific sensors and actuators as well as the planning and execution of missions in the interest of the target groups manufacturers, equipment suppliers and users.

The network’s activities are rounded off by the support of potential users with regard to the design of new application scenarios as well as the discussion of topics of standardization to support dynamic market development.

The following companies are represented at the stand

Multirotor Service Drone

MULTIROTOR service-drone. de GmbH has been active as a manufacturer of professional multirotor drones for commercial and institutional use since 2011. With more than 1,000 systems sold worldwide, the company is regarded as a leader in the industry. In 2014, the company, which is based in Brieselang in the Netherlands, won the ARTIE Innovation Award with its newly developed “Multirotor G4” flight control system and, with the newly developed survey flying robot “Multirotor G4 Surveying-Robot”, set itself at the forefront of innovative industrial applications. For two years now, the company has been increasingly active in the growth market of surveillance and security. For example, Polizei Berlin is one of the customers whose “UAS-Pol” hexacopter produced by MULTIROTOR will be on display at the CURPAS e. V. stand.


With its product and service portfolio, sitebots GmbH is positioned like no other company in the industry and supports both small and large companies, institutions and authorities in the implementation of UAV technology and mobile robotics in their operations. We produce professional multicopters and rovers, if desired also for unusual applications, are service providers in the field of development and partners for data acquisition, processing and evaluation. In addition, we also offer technology consulting for the entire field of remote sensing and navigation (indoor/outdoor).

Find out about partners of CURPAS in the field of science, application and production of UAS at


For the first time, the U. T. SEC brings together all under one roof: manufacturers of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and other unmanned vehicles as well as systems for surveillance, communication, data transmission, drone protection or position determination. Manufacturers will meet experts in the fields of airspace and perimeter protection, IT and crisis management, security officers from companies and public authorities as well as those responsible for purchasing, procurement and public finances.

Get your tickets today

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NYCDFF IV is happening on March 3rd & 4th at The Tribeca Performing Arts Center
& Liberty Science Center.  See the best drone films in the world on the big screen and experience amazing drone-centric programming at the Day of Drones.



Check out the website for more details on NYCDFF IV events.





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Wilfried Joswig, Director of the VfS (Association for Security Technology) is an acknowledged expert in security technologies and applications. He is involved in evaluating new risk situations on a daily basis. It is an indisputable fact that the security sector is constantly facing new challenges as a result of new technologies like digitalisation or unmanned systems. On Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 March 2018, experts will once again gather in Exhibition Centre Nuremberg to attend U.T.SEC – the Unmanned Technologies & Security Expo & Conference. Their discussions will focus on the use of drones to improve security and protection against these technologies in security-related structures. In the run-up to the trade fair and conference, we spoke with Wilfried Joswig about the challenges of unmanned systems (UAS).

How have the security sector and the tasks changed in this era of digitalisation?

Wilfried Joswig (WJ): In the security sector too, digitalisation is nothing new. And it has actually brought about new opportunities, for example in the case of sensor systems, where thanks to improved analysing units or networking of systems it has been possible to significantly reduce false alarm rates and as a result increase acceptance by users.

Has digitalisation resulted in new tasks or threats?

WJ: Of course there are also new challenges. The networking of systems imposes new requirements on network security and availability. With every additional network element installed the number of options for attacking my network increases. In this context, special requirements on system hardening are necessary at the technical, organisational and human level. Unfortunately not everyone is aware of this or it is not being implemented rigorously.

What role do unmanned systems play in this context?

WJ: In the meantime, UAS are an integral part of all risk analyses and security concepts, as both a practical system and a security risk.

Have UAS changed the type of danger?

WJ: UAS have changed the type of danger significantly. Previously, perimeter security ended at the top of the fence or the scaling barrier. With UAS this rule no longer applies. We also need to include the airspace above the perimeter fence it in our security concept.

Can UAS take over certain jobs – and how does this affect service providers from the security industry?

WJ: UAS can perform important roles associated with status reports and alarm verification. However, the interaction between humans and technology as part of the security services offered is still very important, e.g. the integration of UAS into security concepts, base station for the UAS, operational times etc. In addition, the training of service providers needs to be extended to include the use of such systems.

UAS are a relatively new technology application. How do you envisage the future of unmanned systems in the security sector?

WJ: With UAS we are experiencing a very dynamic development in performance characteristics. Naturally, with every development stage the options for application also increase. I am thinking in particular of flight duration, speed and integration into management systems.

What legal and insurance-specific frameworks have to be in place so that UAS can be used by security service providers efficiently and systematically?

WJ: We are talking about the useful deployment of UAS as part of intervention measures. In this context many aspects have already been regulated. One thing that considerably restricts the use of UAS is that they are only allowed to be used within the field of vision of the pilot.

Do we have to think about separate training for the use of unmanned systems in the security sector?

WJ: Of course, the use of UAS presupposes proper training of security service providers. Alongside the obvious things like flight training, it should also include a legal consideration of the special risk situation and the associated rules of contact.

Your association supports U.T.SEC. What role can this kind of trade fair play in the integration of new technology in the sector?

WJ: For us as an association, but also for users, there are diverse benefits to such an event. Particularly for a technology where changes are happening rapidly in almost all areas, a conference and trade fair for information-sharing is important. The event can serve to present the latest state-of-the-art, to illustrate and discuss future development steps and potential applications, to discuss integration options for security concepts, formulate requirements that users want the sector to meet, address legal issues and the development of application options and share experience.