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Waukesha, WI – (May 10, 2017) – Drones are permeating many industries to improve efficiency and safety – but Drone360 magazine reminds you that they’re still great fun! The May/June issue of Drone360 explores many different applications of UAS technology that make you want to grab a controller and start flying.

“Take photos and videos from a new vantage point, get the vicarious thrill of piloting an aircraft, learn to do some fun tricks,” said Drone360 Editor-in-Chief Tim Kidwell. “We spend so much time thinking about all of the ways drones can be useful, I think we sometimes forget they can be fun, too.”

May/June Print Highlights

Lots of Gear Reviews: what’s better for you, the DJI Mavic Pro or the FPV Hitec Vector 280? Will you get in trouble for flying the Rise Vusion House Racer … in the house? Check out reviews from the pros at Drone360 before you buy your next drone, or the accessories that go with it.

Tips for Completing an Epic Shot: tips on lenses, lighting, memory cards, “shooting flat,” and other tricks to get the best possible aerial photos

A Drone by Any Other Name: rolling drones that carry your groceries, minibots, unmanned underwater vehicles: the catchall term “drone” applies to a wide variety of machines

Virtual Appeal: VR, FPV, AR – these all bring an immersive quality to flying your drone

Dronetertainment: how drones are being incorporated into and improving all kinds of theatrical performances

Fly, Spot, Fly: will robotic pets ever be interesting (and “emotional”) enough to be a real pet?!

Drone Business Application to be Taught at ASCEND Conference & Expo

“With all I see happening in the industry, I believe that the mix of usefulness and entertainment will one day make the drone as indispensable as smart phones are today,” said Kidwell.

This month, Drone360’s print and digital magazine largely focuses on the entertaining side of drones. As noted, the benefit of drone technology to business and industry is growing as well. Often, those users specialize in agriculture, construction, insurance – not drones and related tools. To support the growing need, Drone360 is expanding beyond its magazine and digital content to present ASCEND, a drone business conference. The Conference & Expo will be held in Portland, OR, July 19-21, 2017.

Workshops, seminars, group sessions, and one-on-one mentor meetings will provide practical information about using drones to improve processes and increase profits, develop commercial application workflows, and understand policies and regulations. Find full event details and register at

About Drone360

Drone360 is a bimonthly magazine supplemented by a broad range of digital content on its website The print magazine will hopefully someday delivered by drone itself. Until then, find it on store shelves in outlets ranging from Barnes & Noble to Target to 7-Eleven.

The cover price is $7.99. In the U.S., a one-year print or digital subscription is $24.99; home delivery plus access to the digital edition is $30.99. The magazine is also available internationally.

Drone360 is published by Kalmbach Publishing Co. The editorial staff is comprised of drone experts and enthusiasts. Members of the magazine’s Advisory Board come from varying backgrounds and include perspectives both inside and out of the unmanned vehicle industry. Kalmbach Publishing Co., based in suburban Milwaukee, publishes 12 special-interest magazines—including Astronomy, Trains, Discover, Model Railroader, Drone360, Bead & Button, and related books—and produces websites and events based on those content areas.

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